I-Porter Yields Exercise Benefits Similar to Skiing

The I-Porter mimics the biomechanics of downhill skiing to provide the user with an experience that is both fun, and therapeutic for lower back and joint pain. We exercise the same major muscle groups used in skiing, but we replace gravity with electric motors. https://newtoski.com/primary-muscles-used-for-skiing/ The system acceleration and velocity can be programmed for bunny Read more about I-Porter Yields Exercise Benefits Similar to Skiing[…]

I-Porter Transportation and Covid-19 Social Distancing

We can use I-Porter for transportation around Cambridge and Boston as a social distancing alternative to mass transit and ride shares during the Coronavirus Pandemic. It’s been very helpful on campus at MIT and surrounding areas. Deep breathing associated with exertion or even singing may increase the risk of Covid-19 virus particle spread. I-Porter helps Read more about I-Porter Transportation and Covid-19 Social Distancing[…]

I-Porter and Post Polio Syndrome

We’ve tested the I-Porter as a mobility scooter alternative for people with Post Polio Syndrome (PPS).  It offers standing height operation, and superior maneuverability compared to a scooter or wheelchair.  The I-Porter engages your core muscles, lower back and legs enough to help avoid muscle atrophy, but not so much that you reach the point Read more about I-Porter and Post Polio Syndrome[…]